"The ability level was pitched exactly right, great instruction, very baby friendly and relaxed – both baby and I loved it"

Sarah & Baby Arthur

We welcome you to come try our new baby classes. We welcome all mums, dads and guardians to our classes. 

*New Saturday 6 week courses available, contact us for details* 

Babywearing Ballroom

Age 8 weeks + (as long as you can carry)

This is our brand new, first of its kind class, invented by our own teacher, Emma. After recently having a baby and faced with the problem of how and when to return to work, she tried taking a class while wearing her newborn. It was a success. Her baby enjoyed the closeness babywearing brings, as well as the music and rhythms. After looking at what other sling related dance and exercise programmes available she realised there were no ballroom and latin only classes of this type in the UK. And volia, Babywearing Ballroom was born. 

This class is designed for baby wearers to wear their little ones while they dance. You can enjoy dancing and exercising while your little one bonds with you. The class is of an "aerobic style" (danced solo in lines) meaning that the only partner you will need is your baby. You will learn a range of dances, including waltz, cha cha, merenge and more. This is a great way to get back into your pre-pregnancy body, without the intense workout. Your baby will love to take in the music and feel your movement. 

Notes - babies must be at least 8 weeks old and have some neck strength. You must be fit enough to attend class (please allow enough time after having a c-section before joining in any exercise, see your doctor if you are unsure when you will be ready). You must provide your own babywearing carrier, wrap, sling or other device and be in charge of your own child's safety. This class is for dance instruction only, please attend your local sling meet or get a babywearing consultant for advice. There must be 1 adult per child (so if you have two children please get another adult to attend with you) and all children must be worn during this class. You are welcome to carry a child of any age (as long as you can carry) but for toddlers who want to be up and about, we recommend our Babysteps class. Feel free to leave the class as you need for changing, feeding etc. We have a sitting area both in the studio and in the foyer if you wish to sit and breastfeed. We ask that you take your waste (nappies etc) home with you. 

Babysteps Parent & Toddler Class

Age 18 months - 3 years

Babysteps is designed for those little legs who are ready to step out on their own. This fun class means you can learn the basics of dance and as well as bonding with your toddler. This class is focuses on the basic steps of the main ballroom and latin dances, as well as a few fun dances too. We will be teaching the beginnings of technique and working on balance and musicality. Using music, your toddler will also be learning in a fun way how to count too! You will both be able to leave the class with a few steps you can enjoy together at home and at parties! 

Notes - there must be 1 adult attending per 1 child. Feel free to leave the class as you need for changing, feeding etc. We ask that you take your waste (nappies etc) home with you. 

Picture Below - Emma's first attempt at teaching while wearing her baby. Baby Georgina Loved it, (and so did the kids). 

Emma's first class teaching while wearing her baby
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