Adult classes are held in a friendly, sociable atmosphere. Come and enjoy learning Ballroom and Latin American. It is a good way to both exercise and meet other people. 

You can come as a group, couple or on your own. Solo dancers are always accommodated for, we will even aim to find you a partner, but we always have classroom assistants and teachers to dance with. We also understand that couples want a hobby they can enjoy together. Therefore we don't share partners/partner swap in our classes, unlike other schools/clubs. So you can use these classes as valued time spent together.

Our beginners classes are the perfect way to start out, allowing you to enjoy dancing socially. We also teach to a standard allowing you to work towards taking exams and competitions. But you can stick to the social dancing if you wish, of course. We never pressure you into taking your dancing further, but we do believe that it helps your development if you have certain goals to work towards, these can be personal of course (such as an event or cruise) and do not have to be exams or competitions. However, if you wish to take the next step, we have many competitions which are light hearted and fun (well, all competitions are fun of course) and have special beginners events called "first timers", for a gentle beginning to the sport. 

Exams work in much the same way, having "social" level exams so it is not much different to taking part in your normal class, but you get a nice certificate and trophy at the end! And we will always be there helping you through. 

Our intermediate/advanced class is suited towards those who have already taken exams and/or have experience. In this class we work towards exams and competitions, working strongly on technique and higher grades. In this class you will most likely be dancing a mixture of routines, even above gold level so you will need to be able to keep up. But don't let the standard put you off, we still enjoy the fun of a group class! 

Please check our current Timetable for class times. 

All our current classes are £6 per person.